DIY Electricians – Can I install my own Electrics?

No – please don’t!

We have recently seen more domestic customers who have attempted to do their own installations from rewiring through to distribution boards asking us to inspect and sign off their work – this can be for peace of mind or because they are looking to sell their home soon.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) we cannot provide electric installation certification to any individuals who are not qualified electrical installers. Saving a few pounds by tampering with the most dangerous parts of your home is not a wise choice. In a future article, we will provide a list of recent electrical fires in the Chester area  – we are sure – due in part to DIY electrical work.

DIY Electrical Work

We are obliged to inform the customers who have performed their own work who are not qualified or had sufficient oversight that their home insurance may not be valid. In the case of an electrical fire there is almost no chance of the insurance companies paying out if a fire or other damage was deemed to have been a result of non-compliant electrical installation work. Yes, insurance premiums are at the heart of all the work we do!

So, if you have performed some DIY electrical work, please have a qualified electrician inspect your property and in most cases redo the work. It may cost a few pounds but if your work causes any damage to your home in the long run, it will cost a whole lot more.


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