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Partial or Full Electrical Rewire Services – Chester and Cheshire

If your home has not been rewired in the last 15 years, there is a good chance that it will need a partial or full rewire. The reason for requiring a wiring is that degradation of the old cables and electrical regulations changing over that period of time.

If you leave rewiring your house for over 20 years, it can pose a serious and dangerous risk to people in your home.

Atlas Electric can perform a site survey to determine whether your existing wiring is stable through testing and visual inspection of the wiring types. We primarily serve the Chester and Cheshire area – however, if you live further afield please contact us and see if we can accommodate. How much does a rewire cost?

Rewiring and Rethinking your Electrics

Rewiring is often done during the same period as installing a new consumer unit, as it gives the homeowner the opportunity to add new circuits, sockets and rethink where the power is needed in their house.

Electrical Rewire Ring Circuit

A rewiring project does not often require a lot of remodeling – where possible Atlas will using existing cavities and so forth to thread any new wiring required.


Minimum Disruption

We also work to minimise disruption to your property, ensuring you are fully informed and consulted on the work being undertaken each day, and scheduling power outages for the rewiring to fit in with times that those areas will not be required for use.


Wiring Types for Reference

  • Lead Insulated – used until mid 1950’s – requires rewiring immediately
  • Rubber or Fabric Insulated – used until 1960’s – requires rewiring immediately
  • PVCu Coated – if over 15 years since installation can require testing for issues


 To arrange an inspection for a rewire please call us to run through your requirements.


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