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LED Lighting Installation – Chester and Cheshire

We are currently fitting LED lights for many businesses in the Chester and Cheshire area. LED lighting has major advantages over non-LED halogen lights including a massive cost saving and bringing your Energy Efficiency in line with the new legislation coming into effect in 2018.

LED Installation can be carried out in any environment; the cost benefits are higher for office spaces, shops, and manufacturing businesses.

We can also provide LED installations for domestic customers to replace existing fittings or as part of a redesign of your home.

LED Lighting Chester

 Advantages of LED Lights

  • Reduction of your lighting bill by up to 90% in some cases. LED lights are much more energy-efficient than regular lights and can save you a lot of money on your energy bill. LED Cost Saving Calculator.
  • LED lights last much longer than regular bulbs and lighting strips. Most LED lights can last up to 25 years and will not flicker which causes irritation and headaches in office environments. This is also a cost reduction in maintenance of lighting.
  • Reduction of your carbon emissions.  LED lighting with enable you to save your businesses carbon emissions and bring energy efficiency down below the required level.


Rollout of LED lighting for your business

The first step is a site visit to gather requirements which involve a lighting count and getting some information on your energy consumption. We will then produce a bespoke quote outlining the recommended products, installation time and cost-benefit projection of installing LED lighting.

If you would like to get an idea of how Atlas Electric can assist you in LED lighting installation please contact us.

Examples of LED products

Please click here to see some examples and details on LED lighting for your business or home.

LED Lighting Examples

Further benefits of LED Lighting

LED lights, unlike common fluorescent lights do not pollute the atmosphere with mercury. Although the risk is higher when a common light is broken, it is often difficult to dispose of the filament and exposure can be harmful to children and pregnant women.

There are no Ultraviolet emissions from LED lights, which does not make them attractive to insects. Another benefit of low UV output is the lighting can be manipulated to create different coloured lighting effects.

LED lighting is immediate with no delay in turning the lights on or flickering effects which are all too common in old fluorescent lights. This flickering is known to cause headaches, eyestrain, and lethargy in workers.

More information on Fluorescent Lamps and Heath.


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