How Much Does Rewiring a House or Flat Cost?

How much does a home rewire cost?

We often get asked how much a rewire costs – for all different housing types from 1 bedroom flats, to bungalows, 3-bed semis, and large detached houses. Of course, it’s not easy to say how much a full or partial rewire costs without an initial inspection of the property and sometimes issues become apparent only when really in the “guts” of the property. However, we have attempted to give some indications of the cost of rewires for different property types here.

We are assuming that a new consumer unit is included in the rewiring costs for each one too and the costs are total including materials, labour, and VAT.

Electrical Rewire Floorplan

How much does a flat rewire Cost?

A small 1- 2 bedrooms flat rewire can cost from £1000 – £2500 depending on full or partial rewiring and the addition of a few extra sockets.

How much does a full house rewire Cost?

An average 3 bedroom house that requires rewiring can range from £1500 for a partial rewire to £4500 for a full rewire and all costs in-between. At this higher end of the range, all cables would need replacing and accounting for some additional sockets and so forth.

How much does a bungalow rewire Cost?

A bungalow rewire is somewhere between a flat and an average sized house so you can expect to pay anything from £2000 – £3500 for a bungalow rewire.

Some further information – Rewiring Explained

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