The Benefits of Installing a Surge Protection Device

Surge Protection for Business and Home

Device degradation, disruption, and destruction and failure can have a substantial impact on business and home usage. Many of the causes for the above can be traced back to internal and external power surges which are vastly overlooked in business implementation plans – Surge Protection Devices can help mitigate these issues.

Electrical compliance is now becoming more aware of the risks of these surge events more detailed legislation is expected to be put in place in the near future alongside the existing BS 7671:2008 (2015 amendments). Installing a Surge Protection Device on the incoming distribution board is the best preventative measure a company can make to avoid hardware failures, fires and their associated risks to the business.

The Effects of Electrical Devices Failures

Increased reliance on electrical devices drives the requirement to minimise failure events that can have a substantial impact. Some of the effects of high-value device failures:

  • Constant repair, maintenance and replacement of high-value electrical goods – capital expenditure and budget surprises
  • Interruptions to Business as Usual – downtime and customer dissatisfaction
  • Safety to individuals working in the facilities as well as productivity
  • Increased insurance premiums More severe device failures can also lead to larger scale damage posing a fire risk.

Power Surges

Local Power Surges – Transients Also known as transient surges or spikes, current estimates are that there are over 1000 potentially damaging surges events per medium business a year in the UK, damaging equipment and affecting profits. 70% of power surges are caused locally by multiple voltage events such as turning items on/off and heavy usage. Internal switching (the regularly programmed events) causes this number to grow exponentially. Friction in the work environment also causes electrostatic discharge which affects the voltage of devices and causes micro surges.

External Power Surges – District network operators are under more pressure with a massive increase in solar and MCHP feed in systems, leading to more substation issues and total failures. Moisture conduction from lightning strikes is another cause of external failure. There are around 50,000 power cuts by lightning strikes per year in the UK.

What do Power Surges Affect?

Small power surges degrade electrical equipment and large surges often require equipment replacement and/or maintenance.

Examples of equipment affected:

  • Ovens
  • Air Conditioning
  • Fridges and Freezers
  • Washers/Other Motor Driven Appliances
  • Boilers
  • IT equipment (EPoS Tills, Servers, PCs)
  • Dishwashers
  • Lighting, regular and LED
  • Consumer units such as smartphones and laptops charging (mains/USB)
  • Any other device containing a microprocessor

Voltage Spikes - Surge Protection

Protect Profits with Surge Protection Devices

What are Surge Protection Devices?

A surge protection device protects electrical devices from voltage spikes, limiting the voltage supplied to an electric device by either blocking or by shorting to ground any unwanted voltages above a safe threshold.

Surge Protection Device Installation Small Surge Protection Device

Installing one SPD (Surge Protection Device) at the main distribution panel can ensure that your equipment is protected with the safest and most reliable technology available.

There is no break in the power supply when an SPD is in use and it will never cause a disruption in continuous power.

For larger facilities, there are options for further enhancements to SPD’s including monitoring systems and surge counters.

Effective transient voltage suppression equipment can double or triple the life of the electrical and electronic equipment.

We are a commercial and domestic electrical contractor based in Chester, Cheshire and surge protection installation is one of our services.

For more information on implementing Surge Protection please contact us.



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